Love Décor's feature glass range is a combination of glass and aluminium in two separate layers laminated together to create a unique surface with reflective elements and depth. 

The low iron toughened glass is treated so the inks adhere to the glass permanently. The rear of the glass is printed in specific areas and other areas of the glass are left transparent. 


The aesthetic effect of multiple layers within the glass is particularly effective when key areas of the images need to be highlighted.

The panels can be used inside buildings for residential and commercial settings, enabling architects, interior designers and shop fitters to implement creative design ideas combined with functional purposes. 


Combined Thickness 10.5mm
Application Method Tech 7 or stainless stell trim support system top and bottom.
Maximum Panel Size 3m x 1.2m

Product Characteristics
These are typical values for Love Décor feature glass laminate range. Customisation available upon request.

Front Layer Glass toughened low iron Opti white
Surface Finish Smooth
Thickness 6mm
Colour Transparent
Weight 15kg per m2

Rear Layer Aluminium composite AlMg1 alloy with per core
Colour Gold mirror
Surface Finish Smooth
Thickness 3mm
Weight 6.5kg per m2
Corrosion UV- Protection, no delamination or
warping due to low thermal expansion.